Our story

Owners Garrett and Father Charlie Meakin Stand in front of their brewing operation

Grow Brewing Co. was founded by Garrett Meakin in 2021 on the idea that good beer can flourish anywhere with the proper environment and a little bit of love.

Garrett’s passion for brewing stems from an inquisitive nature and a decade of production and brewing knowledge. Through unconventional brewing practices he has been able to achieve exciting new flavors and innovate the ever-expanding palate of craft beer. As a result a platform of their own was required, and so the seed was planted. From that point Garrett’s father, Charlie Meakin, was recruited to manage outside accounts and reinforce a culture of not only selling a product but being able to sell our vision. After a little watering and pruning from friends and family we were able to launch in April of 2022 with the intention of growing not only our brand but also our creativity, our sustainability, and our community. As a nomadic brewery, we offer the freshest products and best service via our sprout spots. These sprout spots are a spontaneous event not often offered in other brewery settings. We also supply a very closely rooted group of distribution partners that we trust to represent our brand the way it was intended. 

Our mission is to cultivate a network that will enrich the quality and experience of craft beer.


Charlie and Garrett Meakin

Grow Brewing Co. would not be able to thrive without the tireless efforts of our family, friends, and collaborators. We encourage you to follow their social platforms below:

Rick Lohm, Artist, @lickrohm

Garrett Mutz, Artist/Designer, www.mutzdesign.com 

Samantha Kimmel, Artist/Designer, www.skimmelart.com